Beard Styles

The ability to grow and groom facial hair is a God given gift that we as men are blessed with. There many variations and beard/mustache styles that a man can wear. Many of these styles are appropriate and indeed Manly. However, there are also several beard styles and mustache styles that negate the very nature of facial hair and reduce the manliness of those who don them.

Throughout human history the norm has been for a man to have a beard and/or mustache style. For the most part our culture has lost this norm, this value. Men in the business world are often deterred and even forbade from growing a beard, with this type of opposition the beard has lost its rightful place amongst our daily lives. As the title suggests, the main focus of this site is Men's Beard Styles, but that is just one part of the larger realm that is facial growth. You will be given all the information and advice that is necessary to begin and/or refine your facial hair.

Beard and Mustache Styles: Why? - Find out the answer to such an easy question that is still asked too often by "men."

Beard Growing Tips - Growing a beard sounds easy, and it can be by following a few simple steps.

Beard Styles - Learn about the legit styles that are out there, what ages they are appropriate for and most importantly what they say about you as a man.

Beard Grooming Tips - You've grown out your facial hair, chosen the right beard or mustached style and you're done...right? Wrong! It's time to care for and maintain the look that you have worked so hard for.

Men Beard Styles - Dedicated to the men who have come before us and have taken facial hair and our world to a new level. We honor you.